Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you may have. If you have a question that does not appear in the list below, please do let us know – drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to help.

Who is Earth Warriors for?

Earth Warriors is for any education setting with children aged 3-11 - nurseries, pre-schools, pre-preps, primary schools, prep school and home schooling groups. We have members who are Nursery Practitioners, Primary School Teachers, Heads of Eco, Sustainability Leads and the list continues to grow!

There are so many free resources becoming available - how is Earth Warriors different and why should I pay?

Earth Warriors is more than a resource, it’s an annual climate and sustainability curriculum offering ready-made and flexible lesson plans, access to a global community and year round support. In addition we give you access to further resources. Earth Warrior is a problem solver for education in setting lacking knowledge and proper guidance in teaching about climate change with a positive and solution- focussed approach.

What is included in an Earth Warriors subscription?

Our school subscription includes access to our resources (lesson plans and extra resources), teacher training, global community and implementation support. The number of lesson plans you have access to depends on the package you choose - one term, half year, full year or after-school programme.

How many teachers and students does the Earth Warriors subscription cover?

The subscription covers the entire school - so all the teachers and students in the school.

Can I buy the subscription mid way through the school year?

Yes! We have multiple subscription packages to suit your setting’s needs: you can implement Earth Warriors all year, half the year, for one term  or even after school club! Taking the first step to teach climate education can start at any time in the year and we are here to support you.

What happens when my Earth Warriors subscription ends?

When your subscription ends you will lose access to our tech portal and resources unless you renew your subscription. You can either renew the same subscription or buy a different one. Or if you’ve implemented the full year curriculum you can renew it again for the next year.

What is the Earth Warriors Community?

Our community brings together Earth Warriors students and teachers from all over the world. Earth Warriors is unique in its global presence and we aim to connect students so they dont feel alone in facing the climate crisis. There are many community events organised to get students interacting and collaborating with each other.

If the government is making plans to change how education settings approach climate education, will an Earth Warriors subscription interfere with what is to come?

Not at all! Earth Warriors update the curriculum on a regular basis to reflect the most up-to-date content. We are also working with local and global governments to assist in their policies and plans for supporting schools roll out climate education. The climate crisis is now, as is the time to act!

We don’t have time for this in the normal school day.

Our curriculum can be used as an after school programme or a summer school programme. It can also be implemented as an addition to an after-school club that is already established. We are happy to work with you to integrate it into your setting.

How does this curriculum tie into other subjects?

Our curriculum is a climate change and sustainability curriculum but we reinforce many other foundational learning standards across literacy, numeracy, science, geography, social emotional learning and more! Instead of taking time away from other subjects, we give our students a chance to apply their learning in a new context.

My school isn’t proactive about climate education but I feel we could do more - what can I do?

If you’re at the beginning of your journey, make sure you have read our section for Teachers - we offer high quality CPD and surface the latest research into why action is needed now, and why a critical age to learn climate education is children aged 3-11. Book a 15 minute call with us today to discuss a fun, simple and realistic way to start implementing climate education in your school.

My staff and I are time poor in the working week so there is a risk there isn’t time to implement something new - how can we get going as quickly as possible?

Our curriculum is ready-to-go and laid out in a way that you can pick and choose what you teach. The curriculum is split by age group, all with clear and concise descriptions on learning objectives and how to adapt lessons if time is restricted. You can ease into climate education with our 10 lesson package and implement them flexibly as and when you have time. 

Is the Earth Warriors curriculum adaptable for students with different learning needs?

Students who have accommodations can implement Earth Warriors and we also offer support to customise our curriculum further. Teachers have found our curriculum simple to adapt for a range of learning styles and needs. 

My school has an Earth Warriors subscription but I have questions about the resources and how to implement it. Who can I talk to?

We provide implementation support to all our teachers and schools through out their subscription period. You can pose any of your questions on our teachers whatsapp group or alternatively you can message or email our curriculum lead directly at

How do you approach teaching this complex topic with young children?

We use a positive, empowering approach to teach these complex topics to young children without scaring them. For our youngest students, we use a fun play-based approach to teach these topics in developmentally appropriate bite-sized chunks. For our older students, we emphasise early advocacy skills and leadership skills to build their confidence. We also piloted our curriculum for a year and had it peer reviewed by experts from Harvard and Stanford universities to ensure we incorporate the latest research and teaching pedagogies each year.

How do you teach this complex topic to very young children without scaring them?

Earth Warriors is designed and tested in multiple early childhood settings to make sure it is age and developmentally appropriate to teach climate education without causing anxiety. At this very young age, we take a play-based solutions-focused approach and break topics down into bite-sized chunks. Read more about our full early childhood approach on our curriculum page.

I work in a nursery - how does the subscription work when I am responsible for different children on different days?

Earth Warriors is flexible and accessible for all Early Years settings.The curriculum allows easy implementation based on your schedule and setting. With an Earth Warriors subscription, you will have access to a curriculum manager who can work with you to create a weekly planner, allowing you to collaborate with all nursery practitioners so everyone is aware of what they are teaching that week.

I am a parent and want to bring Earth Warriors to my child’s school. How can I do this?

Parents bring great new ideas to schools and can inspire change. Set up a 15 minute call with us and we are happy to talk you through how to approach this with your child’s school. Alternatively you can also direct your child's school to our website to check us out and buy the subscription.

I want to sponsor Earth Warriors for a school/schools that can’t afford it

That’s awesome. Please do get in touch with us by booking a call or dropping us an email at .

For sponsoring opportunities can it be a school/schools I have identified or does it have to be with a school Earth Warriors has identified?

It can be either. If there is a school / schools or a region you have identified that you want to bring climate education to, we’d be really excited to work with you. Alternatively you can always sponsor any of our existing partner schools as well. 

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