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The need for community

At Earth Warriors we want children to know they are not alone in facing the climate crisis and that it’s not all gloom and doom. Through our community, children from different countries get to connect with each other and build a sense of hope for the future. 

Educators play a key role in preparing the next generation for the future and our community also aims to support teachers in this mission.


Young people need to feel united in a common mission to take climate action and face the future with hope instead of anxiety.


Students from across the world get to interact with each other, learn about climate change in other contexts and come together to find solutions.


Educators get to stay up to date on new developments in climate & sustainability education and collaborate with other teachers from around the world.

Our community members get exclusive access to

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Teachers training and learning events

Inspiring events with young climate activists & entrepreneurs

Collaborative opportunities with schools in different countries

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Pen Pal Programme

Earth Warriors unites students, promotes diversity and inclusion and encourages students to be global citizens. Watch the video of our 2022 Pen Pal Progamme that connected students across 4 continents.

Events archive

  • We conducted teacher training on climate & sustainability at the London Climate Action Week which was attended by over 100 tea...

  • Students from across India, the United Kingdom and Zambia connected during our 4-week Pen Pal Programme in April 2023. They learne...

  • The pen-pal programme is an annual event held by Earth Warriors to connect students from across the globe to exchange their learni...

Join our upcoming events

We plan interactive and learning events for teachers and students throughout the school year. Our aim is to unite Earth Warriors from around the world to work together for climate action.

While some events are exclusive for Earth Warrior schools, we have many exciting events that are open to non-Earth Warrior teachers and students as well.

Mark your calendars with the upcoming event in January 2023- Spring Term!

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