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Why Is Teacher Training For Climate Education Needed?

95% of teachers believe it’s important to teach about climate change, but less than 40% feel confident teaching it.

77% children around the world have been reported feeling more anxious about climate change than anything else.

The UK DfE announced its introducing climate change into school curriculums at all levels
by 2023.

Teachers spend
over 14 hours a week
apart from the regular working hours in planning lessons, & they need support.

We have trained 1000 teachers across 8 countries

Key Features Of Our Teacher Training Programme


You can do it in your own time by following our recording and guides.

Teacher centric

Our Teacher Training programme has been developed by teachers for teachers.

Builds confidence

After our training, 80% of teachers felt more confident to teach climate change topics to their students.

Age appropriate

Focuses on pedagogical approaches, suitable for young children in primary schools.

The Objective Of Our Training Is To Help Teachers:

Examine their own understanding on topics like climate change and climate education.

Develop confidence to teach this complex topic to young children in a fun, playful way.

Explore how to incorporate climate education into their own instruction and classroom practices.

Begin to develop a bank of tools and resources to teach climate education to young children.

Teacher Training Packages

Introductory Teacher Training
Coming soon

A one hour asynchronous training session, giving teachers a no-anxiety approach and tools to introduce climate change to 3-11 year old's in a positive way. Complete this training on your own time.

Customised Teacher Training

We offer bespoke climate education professional development to schools, nurseries and university pre-service teacher programmes. We tailor this session to your setting and teachers' needs, capacity and prior knowledge.

Price on request

3 Part Teacher Training
Coming soon

A three session training programme, that deep dives into topics like early years and climate change, climate justice and technical climate concepts.

Sign up for any of our training programmes and become part of a global community of teachers, advocating for and delivering climate & sustainability education

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