Why Earth Warriors?

We are the world’s first comprehensive climate education curriculum  for 3-11 year olds

Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision is to ensure the next generation inherits a greener and healthier planet.


Our mission is to empower 2 billion children to take climate action through age-appropriate climate education.


Help schools and educators to cultivate the next generation of change makers.

Starts at An Early Age
Empowers Children

Earth Warriors helps achieve SDGs 4,12 & 13

What makes Earth Warriors unique?


Comprehensive curriculum

Our curriculum is age appropriate and progressive; i.e., it builds on learning year after year.


Solutions-focused approach

Our solutions-focused approach gives students hope and combats eco-anxiety.

Starts from an early age

We start from age 3 and are the first in the world to have a climate curriculum for children in their early years.


By teachers for teachers

Our resources have been designed by teachers as they know what teachers need best.


A sense of community

We connect students and teachers from all over the world so they feel united in a common mission.

The importance of starting young

Build lifelong sustainable habits

Starting young allows children to build lifelong sustainable habits that come as naturally to them as brushing their teeth.


Normalise talking about climate change

Introducing climate change at an early age makes it a normal topic to talk about rather than a source of anxiety.


Set the foundation for green career skillsets

Climate education from early years gives children the foundational knowledge needed to pursue green careers and take climate action.

Ensure climate justice

The youngest children will be the most impacted by climate change despite having contributed the least to it. They need to be prepared to face the climate challenges ahead.

Instill confidence

By getting appropriate knowledge, they can understand that individual actions can make a difference.

Why is climate education for young children important?

Human inertia is the biggest threat to climate action. Climate education is key to give the next generation hope and empower them to take climate action


Build lifelong climate positive habits

90% of a child’s brain develops before they turn 5. Climate and sustainability education at a young age, ensures sustainable behavior comes as naturally to them, as brushing their teeth.


Turn children’s climate anxiety into no- anxiety

77% of children feel anxious about climate change. With a positive and solution-focused approach on climate education; students can feel empowered and not anxious.


Reduce future carbon emissions

Educating just 16% of children in the developed world could have the same impact as removing 504 million cars off the road, which is approximately 1/3rd of all the cars in the world.

Our Journey

Earth Warriors was born from the belief that all children have the right to a quality and inclusive climate education.

Our founder Shweta has over 12 years of experience working on education and sustainability policy globally.

A gap was identified in the climate education space for 3-11-year-olds, a key age to build lifelong sustainable habits which led to the creation of Earth Warriors.

In the last 3 years Earth Warriors has reached over 25,000 students and 5000 teachers across 5 countries through its curriculum and teacher training.

Earth Warrior is on a mission to give 2 billion children globally, access to high-quality, comprehensive climate education.

About Our Founder

Shweta Bahri
Sustainability & Education Policy Expert

Advised By

Dana Charles McCoy
Assistant Professor of Education

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Divya Sharma
Executive Director India

The Climate Group

Anustup Nayak
Director Classroom Instruction & Practice

Central Square Foundation

Michael Mastrandrea
Climate Change Scientist

Stanford School of Earth

The high quality of the curriculum is one of the features of Earth Warriors that sets us apart from the rest. When the gaps in teachers’ knowledge and confidence are as big as they are, and the time is not on our side with childrens’ rising anxiety and the decline of the planet’s health, societies must invest in the highest quality and readily implementable climate education product available to them.

Team Earth Warriors

The Earth Warriors Difference


Our curriculum can be implemented anywhere in the world with contextual support.

Empowers Children

Provide a positive and solution focused approach to increase hope.

Starts at An Early Age

90% of a child’s brain develops before they are 5, and starting early is key to building lifelong sustainable habits.

Starts at An Early Age

90% of a child’s brain develops before they are 5, and starting early is key to building lifelong sustainable habits.

Builds a community

We go beyond just the curriculum and fuel constant growth through our community consisting of educators and students around the world.

Flexible implementation

Schools have the flexibility to implement our curriculum in a way that fits best with their timetable - everyday, once a week, after school -it's up to the school.

Meet Our Budding Earth Warriors

Hear from teachers and students at Ark Burlington Danes Primary Academy on how they’ve successfully embedded our climate education resources into  their curriculum


Earth Warriors is part of 2 prestigious and competitive programmes for social impact start-ups


Cambridge Social Venture Incubator

From fashion to farming, prisons to prosthetics, the programme helps all sorts of social ventures to get started and grow through the next six to 12 months of people’s journey. Whether they have global plans or are making an impact in their local community, the support is tailored.

Through expert business advice, training and networking, they help social ventures to secure finance, embed their social mission, measure their impact, develop strong governance and grow to the next level.

The Harvard Climate Circle Accelerator

Harvard climate entrepreneur’s circle is a selective incubation program for high-potential ventures working to address climate change. The Climate Circle is cultivating the next generation of climate entrepreneurs who are actively uncovering new, unexpected ways to take on climate change.

Recognised by UNESCO Green citizens initiative for our unique approach.

Earth Warriors with National Geographic

Earth Warriors is delighted to share our short animation made in partnership with The National Geographic Society. We co-created this resource for teachers during lockdown to shine a light on the importance of teaching quality climate education in an age-appropriate way, critical for 3-7-year-olds to keep their eco-anxiety in check.

This platform reminds us that everyone can do something, whatever our means, time, or expertise, we can all get involved and make a contribution to Green Citizens somewhere in the world or close to home.

In 2022 we released our  Global Learning Standards on Climate Change for 3-7 year olds – developed byus in collaboration with Professors Dana Charles McCoy and Michael Mastrandrea from Harvard and Stanford University respectively. 

Awarded GESS Award 2023 for Best Start-Up of the Year

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Shweta Bahri

Sustainability & Education Policy Expert
Shweta grew up in India and is an education policy specialist who has worked with governments, multilateral organisations and civil society in South Asia and Africa over the last 10 years. Alongside technical assistance, policy design and evaluation, Shweta also has strong experience in management and strategy development. Shweta started her career at Oxford Policy Management and most recently worked at the Ark Education Partnerships Group. She is also the founder of No More Waste which is a platform to promote sustainable solutions for individuals and businesses in India. Shweta has a Master’s in Public Administration from the LSE & an undergraduate degree in Land Economy from Cambridge University.

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