School Sustainability Leads

You are now the catalyst of change

Here’s what you need to know as a Sustainability Lead

As per the UK DfE strategy, by 2025 it is mandatory for every educational setting including those of early years, to have a Sustainability Lead.

The Sustainability Lead will have to own a climate action plan that outlines a school / settings approach in the timetable and decarbonisation plans for the school.

A sustainability lead must provide guidance to teachers, including relevant techniques, to plan and implement a strategy for climate education in their classrooms.

There is a concern that teachers lack the right methods and knowledge to teach this complex topic.

Earth Warriors provides schools and educators with a plug-and-play climate curriculum, Teacher Training, a strong community support system to personalise your experience.

How can Earth Warriors support your role?

Ready-To-Use Lesson Plans

We provide ready-to-use, age-appropriate lesson plans. Choose from our Nursery or Primary School packages.

Teacher Training

Learn the fundamentals of climate education and increase your confidence to teach this complex subject in a positive way.

Learn About Eco-anxiety

Tackle children's Eco-anxiety effectively using the Earth Warriors approach.

Free Supporting Resources

Our global learning standards on climate change for 3-7 year olds & animated video made in collaboration with National Geographic are available for free.

See Earth Warriors In Action

Get inspired by our existing Earth Warrior students and teachers. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

Join The Earth Warriors Community

Meet fellow educators and peers from across the globe. Share your questions and experiences and learn from others.

Convinced about taking the Lead?

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